Physical symptoms explained

Your physical symptoms are very real and their impact is significant. Otherwise you would not be reading this now. Your physical symptoms have turned out not to be because of a physical disease, which although this may be a slight relief, it does nothing to explain how you are going to be able to resolve them.  It is as though you have been told you have something that is not really there; so how can you make it stop? Step 1 is to recognise that it is really there. Step 2 is to understand how it got there. Step 3 is to know that just as the symptoms have arrived and increased, they can also reduce and even leave entirely.

Why does no one believe me?

Medical science seeks to match patterns to diagnose conditions: the pattern corresponding to a diagnosis is always largely the same. Functional conditions result in a collection of symptoms that may initially appear to match a medical disease at the outset.  This leads to medical assessment, but following investigation no disease is found. Functional symptoms can change and this variation no longer matches a disease pattern. This results in a mis match between diagnosis and the effects of functional neurological conditions.