Katy Hunter (Collinson)

As an NHS Clinical Neuropsychologist I met many people who had symptoms that medical science did not explain, and this led me to search for and find an understanding and explanation for them.  Clinically I conceptualise “non-epileptic” seizures as part of the spectrum of dissociation and I apply psychological treatments for the effects of trauma on the body and mind. I call these seizures dissociative seizures, as people who have them prefer this, and it tells you what they are, not what they are not.  For fifteen years, or perhaps my whole life, I have been learning about how powerful the mind is in relation to body functioning.  Since 2014 this has led me to apply body-focused trauma therapy (EMDR) to treat functional neurological symptoms, which I now believe is one of the most beneficial tools a treating clinician has for conditions that relate to dissociation.  In the absence of NHS commissioned services for people with functional conditions I have created a direct route for people to access this route to recovery in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Please get in touch.